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About Our Company


JIA’s Dream Tours is a vibrant, creative and dedicated company that is passionate about your tour to China. We want to share with you the special experiences in China that only we can bring you with our roots in the Chinese culture polished with our extensive Chinese tourism experience.

Throughout your entire tour we will bring the 5,000 year living history and vibrant culture of China to a uniquely personal level for an unforgettable lifetime experience. Our deep and extensive knowledge of China and years of first-hand experience in the Chinese Tourism industry fueled by our passion for sharing Chinese culture and history with the world makes us uniquely qualified to create your China trip. Holding American Masters Degrees in Business and degrees in Chinese Tourism, our staff of native Chinese and Americans, have a dynamic combination of authentic Chinese knowledge and expertise coupled with an understanding of American travel needs and desires.

You can choose your dream tour from one of our carefully crafted tours or if you prefer, we can create a custom tour designed just for you! We can create tours with special focus for virtually any interest or field. Art lovers can take a pottery tour to see and meet local Chinese pottery artisans at work and share experiences, appreciate authentic pottery masterpieces in revered museums, and even get your hands wet spinning pottery! Doctors or anyone who is interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine, we will arrange lectures and seminars with renowned Doctors face-to-face who will explain in depth the 5,000 year history of this ancient and revered science. Professional and amateur Archeologists alike will be thrilled and overwhelmed by on-site lectures from Chinese Archeologist in the country with the greatest ongoing archeological sites in the world. Space travel fans, how would you like to visit the site of the Space Control center where the “Devine 5”, China’s first manned space craft was directed! Teachers, how would you like to meet your Chinese colleagues and even attend and help teach a class? At the same time you can pick up some Mandarin language skills with total immersion lessons…. Wherever your passion or interest lies, we are here to fulfill your dream!

Businesses, we can help expedite your entry or expansion in the Chinese business market. We can help you meet potential Chinese partners with social events and factory tours. We can also help your employees with pre-relocation and familiarization tours.

Your dream tour can be as simple or as deluxe as you want. We can make it as least-strenuous or as physically challenging as you prefer. You can have the most wonderful anniversary celebration, the most memorable honeymoon, the most unforgettable alumni trip or family reunion, ever! We would be honored to make your life dream come true!

Call or email us with your travel needs and desires for a free consultation on building your dream tour to China. Our China travel specialists will help you pick the best tour for you, or help you create a custom tour for your special needs and interest. You are just a phone call or email away from your dream!