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Climate in China

CLIMATE AND CLOTHING: China has a continental and seasonal climate. Most parts are in the temperate zone but the southern areas are in the Tropical and Subtropical Zones while northern areas are in the Frigid Zone. The Yangtze River divides China into Northern and Southern regions. Generally, the South is warm, humid and rainy, while the North is dry and windy.

The best months to travel to China are April, May, September and October. These are the peak season months for traveling. The weather is temperate and nice. You will need a light jacket or woolen sweater over light clothes.

In summer (June to August) cool cotton clothing is recommended. In winter (December to February) a light, lined coat will keep you warm enough in the south, but in the north a heavy woolen coat or down parka is a must.

Late spring and late summer are often rainy especially in southern China, so remember to bring some raingear with you. And of course good walking shoes are essential at any time of year!