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Potala Palace

Welcome to the Roof of the World – Tibet! This is a must-see place and should be at the top of your bucket list. It’s truly the most spiritual place in China, the highest altitude, the extreme religious culture, combined with its vibrant architecture and heavenly scenery make it one of a kind!

The Tibetan people have a deep joy and openness of heart that is as inspiring and uplifting as their deep devotion. Tibet is one of those few places that can literally change the way you look at the world.

Lhasa holds many of Tibet’s iconic holy sites. The Potala Palace, the landmark of Lhasa, the power center of old Tibet and the seat of the Dalai Lamas for centuries!

Jokhang Temple, the most famous and oldest building in Lhasa. It is also the most celebrated temple because it is not controlled by a particular sect of Tibetan Buddhism, and therefore attracts adherents of all the sects as well as followers of Bon-Po, Tibet’s indigenous religion. Jokhang Temple is linked to the beautiful love story between Tibetan King Songzangganbo and Chinese Princess Wencheng.

A visit to Barkhor Street, the business center of Old Lhasa is a must-see as well. Barkhor Street circles Jokhang Temple and is one of the three pilgrimage routes to the temple. The spiritual devotion of the Tibetan people is clearly evident here. Pilgrims on bowing pilgrimages circling the temple (three steps and then fully prostate on the ground before taking the next three steps), others walking slowly, chanting sacred mantras and spinning hand-held prayer wheels.

The Sera Monastery is one of three famous monasteries in the city along with the Drepung Monastery and the Ganden Monastery. The monastery is magnificent and covers an area of 114,946 square meters (28 acres).

Norbulinka is the Summer Palace of the Dalai Lama and a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You might also want to visit a Tibetan Hospital, where you will get an inside look at traditional Tibetan Medicine and its long history.

A trip to Lhasa may well change the way you look at the world. It truly is a special place that even without the high altitude of 3,490 meters (11,450 ft.), would leave you breathless and heady. Under the bluest sky, the most vibrant color shining with the true spirit of life, let yourself melt in this harmony of nature and humanity! It’s a challenge that it is a land less traveled, but also a blessing and a privilege. The experience is truly one-of-a-kind.

Come and experience this Holy land, make your trip a Life Moment!

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Jokhang Temple Tibet
Potala Palace Tibet
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