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Recently visited Gubei Water Town in Beijing! Nestled at the foot of the Simatai section of the Great Wall, it’s located in Miyun County, a little less than 2 hours drive north of downtown Beijing. It’s a perfect replica of a typical ancient southern water town of China, particularly Wuzhen in Zhejiang, yet also features Northern Style Architecture, including courtyard style.The unique part of Gubei Water Town is it’s at the foot of Simatai Great Wall, where you can enjoy the fantastic views of the less traveled Great Wall, especially at night when the Great Wall is lit up, and at the same time wander along the water banks and taste the old flavor of ancient shops, restaurants, tea house, etc…. Detailed down to the carvings on the windows of those buildings along the water, the stone bridges, the narrow alleys that lead to the mysteries of the old past, the antique martial arts bodyguard service, the Chinese liquor making workshop, the color dye work shop, the bright red lanterns hanging over the grey courtyard…. Just the ambiance can make you go back in time, or go somewhere you just want to get lost… Not to mention it’s well lit up at night, with all the colors shining out from each window, the reflections of the water, the voices mixed from traditional entertainers and the laughter of people…

There are also numerous cultural shows and events that showcase life in ancient China.

It’s truly a gem, which soothes people’s soul back to the mountains, echoes the ancient footsteps from the Great Wall, and at the same time soothing with the water meandering along this perfect replica of a hundreds year old water village!

A must-see on the Beijing portion of your dream tour to China!

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