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A new exciting site in China! Do you want to see the true summer resort where the emperors of Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) used to get away from summer heat in Beijing? Do you want to walk the same path where the Qing Dynasty  emperors used to hunt in the Fall? Do you want to see authentic Tibetan architecture near Beijing? Come to visit Chengde! Just a couple hours from Beijing and it’s truly a less touristy, more authentic historical town.



Here are some interesting facts:


-Rich in natural and historical attractions, Chengde has the most famous Qing Dynasty imperial summer retreat, known as Rehe Palace or Chengde Palace, which is much grander and bigger than the Summer Palace in Beijing.



– Jinshanling Great Wall, a more original and authentic section of the Great Wall near Chengde, and the famous scenic Yan Mountain Region, that Beijing was originally named after.

– There are also famous monasteries: Pule Monastery features ancient monastery architecture, Puning Monastery is the site of the largest Buddhist religious ceremony in northern China, and the Temple of Putuo Zongsheng chengde_2is also known as the minor Potala Palace, as it was designed following the classical Tibetan style monasteries.

– Chengde has the closest grassland to Beijing. People come for campfire parties, folk music and dance, horse riding, shooting, archery or gliding.






-Try the traditional yurt accommodations and nomad style meals like roasted lamb,dairy products and other great authentic northern flavors.


-The Xinglong Mountain Sightseeing Area is going to build the largest and fastest sightseeing elevator as well as the longest and highest glass suspension bridge.