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Planning a big trip for the family? China sounds like such an amazing and exotic choice, but where do you start? Start from the experience that you are looking for.

Great Wall In SnowWu Gorge on Yangtze RiverGiants Pandas

If you are looking for fulfilling everyone’s dream vacation to an exotic place, you can mark one of the bucket list items off. China it is! China has the oldest civilization on earth, you can marvel at the ancient ruin of the old Great Wall that once was the unbeatable barrier for this ancient kingdom from strong Mongolian Calvary; stand in the middle of an ancient warrior army that is still guarding the first emperor of China, even in his eternal sleep; get lost in the echo of a musical performance by thousand years old instruments, ancient chimes that used to serve as the entertainment show for the emperor only….you will be constantly amazed by the jaw-dropping reliving of those ancient oriental miracles, one after another.
Potala PalaceTerra Cotta Warriorshangzhou


Yearning for some down to earth yet up to date experiences of a vibrant local culture? China will satisfy your urge: you can get lost in the densely populated Hutongs and courtyards still vibrantly alive in the heart of old town Beijing: on one side admiring the harmony of a well laid out courtyard decorated with a bird cage, bicycles and chess board, while on the other side smell the fragrance of a familiar Starbuck’s Latté in the air. You will walk in the freshly growing tea plantation, watching the tea girls pick the most fresh tea buds, still glittering with morning dew, preparing a very authentic tea ceremony for you. At the same time, you can also meditate in this spiritual place after enjoying a day full of a rich experience and truly pure tea.

Want to have some lifetime travel experiences with your loved ones and the most important people in life? Walk up the highest palace on top the roof of the world – Potala Palace, together, one step at a time, listening to the sound of your own breathing as well as the heavy footsteps of Tibetan Monks next to you; Cruise down to the most controversial dam project: The Three Gorges Dam, on the mother river of China- the mighty Yangtze, watching the living canvases appear one after another around each bend of the river; Huddle with the cutest animal in the world- the Giant Panda, in their natural living place, deep in the bamboo sea, watch their natural daily activity and laughing with their corky dance moves and being part of their dance team. One day you may forget when and where it was, but you will never forget how you felt and whom you shared this feeling with!

Don’t let your dream stay just a dream, make it come true!